Our readers wrote these:
She scammed me for $2250. Met her on match.com.  It wasn't until one month later skyping with her she told me
she was in Ghanna. I payed for her passport to be made and US visa.  I demanded proof at various stages with
pics.  I also took pics of her from time to time while on skype with her.  I know she had to use her real ID to pickup
money.  Only difference was adding an "h" to the middle name for her to do pickups.  Tried calling police and email
them with info and their only response was to physically come to the local police station.  The other guy also
received money under that name.  They then presented the $8500 money order to get out of the country and I
dumped her.

It would be so easy for the police to find her if they really wanted to.  I gave them everything I posted to you.

On Wed, Mar 21, 2018 at 5:58 PM, Paul Williamson <admin@evelynboatengghanascams.com> wrote:

I have to ask...Were and how did you get ahold of these pics and documents?

That's her in the photos.